Stand Alone Smoke Alarm

หมวดหมู่ : Numens Residential Stand Alone

แบรนด์ : Numens


  • Photoelectric smoke sensing chamber technology
  • Integrated indicator provides visual indication of both the
    quiescent condition and an alarm condition
  • Test and Hush functions in a single button
  • Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
  • Test and Hush visual indicator
  • Loud 85 dB sounder to alert occupants
  • Surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design
  • Single DC 9 V user-replaceable battery provides up to
    18 months operation under normal conditions
  • 30-day low battery audible warning signal
  • Battery missing indicator prevents the unit from being
    installed without the battery fitted
  • Up to 38 units interconnectable using the wired transmission
  • No limit for interconnectable units using the wireless
    transmission path
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance


     Download Datasheet


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